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Primary School

Primary School is divided into three pedagogical cycles.

• 1st cycle, “Basic Learning Cycle”, composed of Petite Section (PS), Moyenne Section (MS) and of Grande Section (GS) of Nursery School.
• 2nd cycle, “Fundamental Learning Cycle”, including the Cours Préparatoire (CP), Cours Elémentaire-1st Year (CE1), the Cours Elementaire-2nd Year (CE2).
• 3rd Cycle, “Consolidation Cycle”, with the Cours Moyen-1st Year (CM1), the Cours Moyen – 2nd Year (CM2), and the 6th Class (6ème).

Nursery School Programs Presentation

The main purpose of Nursery School is to give children the desire to go to school, in order to learn, affirm and grow their personality.

Learning is divided into 5 domains:
• Mobilization of language in every aspect
• Spoken and written

Acting, expressing oneself, understanding through physical activity
Running, jumping, throwing…. In order to link actions together
Easy moving into various environments

Acting, expressing oneself, understanding through artistic activities
Plastic and visual Activities
Acoustic universes
Living show

Building the first tools in order to articulate one’s thought
Discovering figures and their use
Examining shapes, quantities, organized sequences

World exploration
Getting oriented through time and space

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Elementary School Programs Presentation

• Learning at school is to question the World. It is also to acquire specific languages, for which the simple fact of growing is not sufficient. The 2nd Cycle covers the period from CP to CE2, by offering necessary time and coherence for progressive and demanding learning. On 2nd cycle, every learning questions the World. Language control, notably French language, is the priority.
• The 3rd Cycle links Primary School’s two last years and Secondary School’s 1st Year, with an enhanced concern about pedagogical continuity and learning coherence serving the acquisition of Knowing, Skills and Culture Common Base. This cycle has a double responsibility: strengthening the basic learnings which were initiated during the 2nd cycle and which condition the future learning; allowing a better transition between Primary School and Secondary School, ensuring a continuity and a progressiveness between the three years of the cycle.

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Ministry of Education (Ministère de l’Education Nationale)