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Science exhibition by CM2B1 and CM2B2 classes

The bilingual Classes CM2B1 and CM2B2 Science exhibition featured 16 of the  greatest inventors and their inventions that changed the world. 

Each pair of students researched, presented information in posters, created prototypes and prepared activities to make their presentation more interesting. They introduced the lives of the inventors, how they have come up with their inventions, and how the inventions worked and changed the world.


The activities included deciphering codes, quick quizzes, making airplanes, and experiments such as the pinhole camera, light bulb, and the lemon battery. They accommodated 17 classes from our school during this exhibit.


They showcased their strong communication skills as they switched from English to French to accommodate monolingual students, and have managed to explain their projects in a way that the younger students (from CP and CE1) would understand the instructions easily. It was a worthwhile and substantial experience for both spectators and presenters.