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Poetry from CM1 B pupils
No, Bully!
A poem by Nikki Aksamit

A bully is a boy or girl,
Who makes you feel bad.
Who says things or does things
That make you feel sad. 

A bully may laugh
When you make a mistake.
Or call you mean names
Push you, shove you, or shake.

What do you do
If you're bullied today?
You must try to stay calm
And just walk away.

Go tell a grown up
They'll know what to do.
Teachers and parents
Are there to help you.

What if you see
A bully pick on a friend?
How do you make
The meanness come to an end?

Tell the bully to stop!
Take your friend by the hand.
Go find a grown up
They will understand!

School is a safe place
To learn, grow, and play
If you speak up and stand up
Bullies can't ruin the day!