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LFIB’s History

Because of a synergy and a friendly cooperation between Thai Institutions and French Ministry of National Education outside the national territory, the history of the Lycée Français International de Bangkok (LFIB) has been registering in a boost of cultural linguistic opening and since 1958.

From little French school of embassy, the Institution as moved to a recognized French lycée within the Asia Pacific area, thanks to his historic institutional partners’ support.

1957A modest French school is inaugurated on the Sathorn site.
1986A new secondary building is built
1991A second main building is built. (primary/secondary).
The library (CDI) is built.
1991The first convention with the AEFE is officially signed (Created
in 1990).
1992Direct instruction rate is brought to 100%. (CNED is
1992Official birth of the LFIB
1996Kindergarten is moved to Soi Ruam Rudee
1997Primary School is moved to Soi Yen Akat
First year as a Bachelor Degree Center. (Bangkok, Hanoi,
Ho Chi Minh and Phnom-Penh)
1999Jakarta, Manila and New Delhi gradually join the Bangkok
Bachelor Degree Center.
2002The French Foundation for Education is created in order to
support the development of the LFIB
2003LFIB is officially recognized as a Private International School by the Thai Ministry of Education.
2003French Foundation for Education: official birth of the LFIB.
2003The LFIB is moved to the Pracha Uthit site.
2004Over 500 students are registered and given daily courses
2010Launch of the new secondary building
2014Over 1000 students are registered and given daily courses
2015Launch of the new kindergarten is launched
2016Launch of the International section for the elementary classes