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CE1 - My Dream House

CE1 English students created their imaginary dream house. 

What kind of dream house would you have?

CE2 English - What We Like

Here are some non-fictional articles about what students in CE2 like.  Have a look and learn some interesting facts!

CM1 - When I was Younger

CM1 English students read you their poems about when they were younger.

CM2 - astronauts and space

Everything you want to know about astronauts and space.

One of the CM2 English groups worked on space. 

After having been reading about astronauts and watching some videos, they did a research poster which was shown in their oral presentation.

I hope you enjoy their production.

Lyne Sarra-Bournet
EFL teacher

Dans le cadre des cours d'EMILE en anglais, les élèves de CM1 ont reçu la visite d'un spécialiste de la robotique, Mr Eric Gasnière. Il les a initiés à la programmation informatique. Les enfants ont été très réceptifs à cet atelier et ont très bien réussi les tâches qui leur ont été assignées.

CM1 English - Wanted Posters

Look out for these bad guys and collect the reward!


City project - CM1

Some CM1 students worked on prepositions of place and city vocabulary.

First, they built  a giant city map which they painted.  Then, they wrote questions using prepositions of place which they asked each other and afterwards, they recorded their scenario and finally they made a cartoon booklet documenting the project.

I hope you enjoy it.

Lyne Sarra-Bournet
EFL teacher

Axel and Emma

Louis,Oscar and Théo

Pinpard and Nicha

"Jack and Jill" story video

My CP students had fun watching the animated ‘’Jack and Jill’’ story videos.

They learned how to sequence the story along with finger puppets and pictures and could sing the’’ Jack and Jill’’ song.

Hope you enjoy their work.

Lyne Sarra-Bournet
EFL teacher

My CM2 students worked on news and made their own poster, programs and recording.

Hope you enjoy.

Lyne Sarra-Bournet
EFL teacher


A group of CM2 students found themselves lost on a desert island.

They drew a desert poster and wrote a story telling their adventure.

In the end they were all rescued and safe.

Lyne Sarra-Bournet
EFL teacher