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Exposition sur la légende arthurienne (2017)

Les élèves de cinquième de Mme Yensudchai ont travaillé au mois de mai sur la légende arthurienne.

Dans le cadre de cette étude, ils ont réalisé une bande dessinée relatant les épisodes importants de cette grande fresque chevaleresque.  La bande dessinée est exposée au CDI jusqu'à la fin de la semaine prochaine.

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What are the world's most popular poems? A topic for debate among poetry lovers, and one that raises as many questions as answers.

To start the ball rolling, listen to one of the most popular piece of poetry by Rudyard Kipling that we read out loud and recorded in one of our literature classes. What do you think about this poem? Here's what we think about it:

" I like this poem because it is very realistic, and it will be very good advice in life, every day. The lines I like the most say to people that sometimes they are successful, sometimes meet disasters, but the most important is to remember they are both temporary. I also like the lines
that say to take risks and not be scared to fail."

"The poem gives a list of advice in order to become a Man. Being a Man is harder than I thought, at this point I'm pretty happy being just a boy."

"Even though we're girls, we really liked this poem about Men, but it would be good if they also write a poem about Women. Because we are proud to be women."

"I like this poem because it is very meaningful. My favourite part is: ...or being hated, don't give way to hating..."

"The poem was quite interesting because I now know how to be a man in the future."

"This poem is about a man who tells his son all he has to do to become a man. He tells him about patience, faith, bout not losing sight of important things."

"It's not my favourite poem, but my favourite lines are: ... If you can dream, and not make dreams your master..."

"In this poem, Rudyard Kipling lists some advice and qualities in order to become a man and stay balanced in your head and social life."

"I like this poem because it is inspiring and it has good advice."

4es Literature

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The 1ères invented the end of some traditional stories from Australia.

You can read the beginning of the stories and listen to the recordings made by the students.


Mrs Yensudchai