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Chiang Mai Student Exchange

For the first time, a student exchange between the German school in Chiang Mai and LFIB took place. The exchange was meant to allow students to practice their respective skills in a foreign language. The project was divided into two parts.

A Student Report


Students in 4ème and 3ème, LV2 Allemand talk about their Goethe trip

The school trip took place in January of 2016. Unlike previous articles, students were later asked to report on their impressions during the outing while other students subsequently translated their entries.

Weihnachten 2015 LFIB

The 4ème and the 3ème German class of 2015 wish

Frohe Weihnachten und ein gesegnetes Neues Jahr!”


emilie uthaiwat swiss school home  
A week at the Swiss School

During the summer holidays, Emilie Uthaiwat, now in 3A, accepted the offer to spend a week at the Swiss School Bangkok as a short-term exchange student.

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3rd day-exchange with Swiss School Bangkok

As third installment of a day-exchange between the Swiss School Bangkok and LFIB, our 4e LV2 Allemand students started with a visit on Wednesday, May 13. Anita Schwarz, head of the French department at SSB and her colleague, welcomed us to a day filled with activities and the main theme “The Rhine River”, as part of the upcoming “semaine du fleuve”.

Goethe Institute 4th Edition

GI4 1

This year’s Goethe-trip was for our second-year German students, the 3ème. Just before the Christmas holidays on December 17th, Miss Narisa Dumrongvare and Sirirat Tinarat and their staff welcomed us for the fourth time.

christmas tree 180  

This year's 4ème goes international! The newest LV2 German class extends their greetings in six languages.

Their Christmas wishes are in Thai (2 versions), English, French, Italian, Greek and of course in German.

The Fall of the Berlin Wall - A Notion on Display 

 1Grand Opening1

‘Espaces et échanges - spaces and exchanges’ is one of the four notions in the Baccalauréat and consequently a recurring theme throughout 1ère and Tle. Therefore, LFIB students gratefully accepted an invitation by the German embassy to visit an exhibition commemorating 25 years of "The Fall of the Berlin Wall".

Then on Tuesday, 12 November, accompanied by their respective teachers Elodie Massé (professeur d'histoire-géographie) and Karl Park (professeur d'anglais et d'allemand), our students visited the illustrious Bangkok Arts & Culture Centre.

talk show two ambassadors mai 2014  
Talk Show with two Ambassadors

On Tuesday, May 6, commemorating the 100-year anniversary of the beginning of World War I, the ambassadors Thierry Viteau and Rolf Schulze answered students' questions with respect to the relationship of France and Germany.

One-day student exchange with Swiss School Bangkok

On 12 February, six LFIB students in 4ème allemand and their teacher, Karl Park, gratefully accepted an invitation to SSB, Swiss School Bangkok. This continues a series of short-term exchanges between these international schools.