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Workshop Performances - Duo Interp 2nde

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As part of this year's 2nde Workshop course, students interpreted plays and movies according to international duo interpretation rules. Duo Interp entails competitive high school performances, in which students try to outperform other teams and schools.

Two Charity Projects and a New Beginning


Concluding their charity projects after the first half of the school year, both 2nde classes visited their respective beneficiaries: 2A - Childline Thailand Foundation (CTF) near Hua Lamphong train station on February 2nd, and 2B - Anti Human Trafficking and Child abuse Center (ATCC) in Chonburi on Friday, February 13th.

2nde B Charity ATUP - Behind the Scenes

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This is a video of 2nde B, organizing various activities for the Charity Run ATUP - Against Trafficking and Underage Prostitution:

A Progress Report

While in class, different groups are contacting possible sponsors, design t-shirts, logos and plan used clothing collections, bake sale dates and advertising. Thus far, close to 35.000 Baht have been raised in total by both 2nde classes, which will be used to buy needed items for the respective foundations -  (ATCC & CPCR)

The project work is ongoing and will conclude after a visit of the Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Abuse Center (ATCC) and Center for the Protection of Children'e Rights Foundation (CPCR) in January. Any and all financial support or other donations can still be made through the two projects' Facebook sites.

ATUP - Against Trafficking and Underage Prostitution - 2nde B
ACT - Abused Children in Thailand - 2nde A

Charity for Wat Phrabat Nampu – the "AIDS temple"


2nde A chose as their charity project and common cause a temple which is famous for its admirable work for HIV-infected people. During the third school term, the class organized a bake sale and collected money for patients at this world-renowned temple in Lopburi.

charity 2c  
LFIB / Charity project: Phayathai Home for Babies

Raise a Smile” for Phayathai Home for Babies was selected as a motto and the whole class was geared toward planning and collecting goods and moneys for their project.

Is there bullying at LFIB?

A radio report by Alice Jetin and Laetitia Mouly, 3B

As a Workshop project in the 2. term, students in 3e had to research, write and produce a report for LFIB WebTV. The topic was the situation of bullying at LFIB and how to prevent it. This is one report in form of an interview followed by the detailled script.
Click on the player for the 7-min radio report.

Réalisation : Karl Park


For the academic year 2013-14, LFIB implemented a new course called WORKSHOP, thereby replacing LECTEUR in order to better accommodate and further the French curriculum’s "Le Socle Commun", the common core and thus the academic year’s objective with respect to

– proficiency in a modern foreign language
– social and civic skills
– autonomy and initiative

Workshop courses start in 6e and are continued throughout and to 2nde with a progression in particular skill sets, thereby allowing students to gradually develop their knowledge and confidence when speaking in public. Three English teachers are currently sharing their experiences and strengths in teaching various topics. The ongoing term 1 is entirely based on drama skills. At the end of the term, 6e to 3e will perform for the other students in their respective classes. 2nde is meant to perform for a larger audience, i.e. parents, peers etc. During the course, students also learn about specific drama related terminology, how to materialize emotions and body language, and other skills e.g. improvisation and miming.
Term 2 will encompass the students’ debate and public speaking skills more directly and individually. Correct breathing while speaking and posture when standing before an audience will help students become more aware of their audience’s perception and consequently strengthen their own confidence.
Term 3 will be a more technical approach to express their aptitude by means of modern media, a video or audio project.

Specific topics per level are:
Short Comedy skit, rewritten and performed by all students, currently rehearsals are ongoing, props and costumes to be finalized
Fairy tales, students have created a modern version, memorize and perform it, rehearsals ongoing, final stage at the end of term
10-min plays are to be memorized and performed by students, rehearsals ongoing, monologues supplement students who have less than 10 lines to speak
A rendition of “12 Angry Men”, 3 groups 3 acts, rehearsals ongoing
6 scenes of “Romeo & Juliet” rewritten as a modern or abstract version and performed in front of an audience.
I am using 2-min monologues in various lengths to make up for number of lines spoken/acted.

Group-evaluation by its members and individual evaluation from teacher with a score sheet

Tasks and Progression
SPECIFIC SKILLS to be covered in drama curriculum: body and spatial awareness, movement and rhythm, concentration, imaginary work, sensory awareness, mime and mask, music/emotional linking, verbal dynamics, improvisation, speech and voice, reading aloud, verse-speaking, communication skills, characterization and role play, acting, scripted drama, devised drama, theatre and performance, non-verbal communication skills, power of language

Overall Objective Terms 1-3
To develop confidence in speaking, performing (By providing a set of skills through drama, debating, public speaking, performing arts project)

Using language in an appropriate way in a communication situation, being aware of different registers of language, to understand, express and interpret thoughts and feelings in diverse situations and to generally address teamwork, self-evaluation and reflection.

1ere Project Irish Legends and Mythical Beasts

The aim of this project was to present popular Irish folklore and myths.

This is a video explaining the origin and characteristics of Banshees.

created by

Angeline Aerni and Korakot Sapphayotosok

Nelson Mandela's Life in three parts

This project with Terminale S Lecteur was to cover life and achievements of the Nobel laureate, political activist and public figure Nelson Mandela.
The first segment would cover young Nelson and his activities, part two describes Mr Mandela's ordeal during his time in jail and the last part wraps up Mandela's post-prison time.