What is speech therapy?

Speech-language pathology is a health care profession.
It consists of preventing, assessing and treating difficulties or disorders :
● oral and written language and communication,
● oro-my-facial functions,
● other cognitive activities, including those related to phonation, speech, oral and written language, and mathematical cognition.

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When should I ask for a speech therapy assessment?

● If your child’s difficulties persist after previous treatment,
● If the teacher reports, or the parents themselves observe, difficulties with language, reading, writing, articulation, comprehension, graphics, logic and reasoning, attention, memory or delayed language development,
● That only the parents understand the child, or that the child’s voice is hoarse, or that the child’s swallowing is not functional (often requiring braces).

Parents can contact the speech therapy department for a speech assessment. This request for an assessment must be made by the parents themselves and requires their presence.