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Support and assistance for students

We offer help and support to students in 2 half-yearly sessions (September to February / March to the end of June).

Homework help
Homework help provides students with the opportunity to work in a supportive environment and receive individual advice. Supervised by teachers, it encourages the acquisition of concepts covered in class, while offering students support in completing their work.
This fee-based service is available in French for all elementary classes (CP to CM2). Registrations are made via Eduka.

French workshop
The French workshop is an activity offered to students who need support in their acquisition of the French language, particularly in oral language (lexis, sentence structure, fluency). Teachers identify students in their class who are suitable for this activity, which is then offered free of charge to families.

soutien aux élèves
Dispositif de soutien aux élèves du lycée francais international de Bangkok

English workshop
The English workshop is an activity designed for students who need support in learning the English language. This particularly includes SIB students who need to strengthen their language skills, as well as students from the classical section who require support to access the SIB. English teachers identify students in their class who fit this profile. The activity is then offered free of charge to families.

Le Coup de Pouce CLA
The Club Coup de Pouce CLA is a free program designed to help Grande Section pupils learn the French language orally. It is made up of 5 children proposed by GS teachers, who are looked after by an activity leader in a school room after class. Sessions last 1 hour, 4 times a week, during the second half of the school year.
A ritual of brief, playful language activities is proposed to the children. Parents are also involved in the club throughout the year, and are welcomed on a regular basis.

*Please note: If you have registered your child for an AES activity at the same time as these homework classes, please cancel the AES registration at