Bangkok +66
The high school students' newspaper

The LFIB high school students' newspaper

Created in 2017 by students passionate about literature, politics, justice, freedom and the quest for truth, Bangkok +66 le journal des lycéens offers its readers articles linked to current events.
Students are supported in this project by members of the teaching team.

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Previous editions

Bangkok 66 troisieme edition 2022-2023

Bangkok +66 Third edition 2022-2023

The third issue of “Bangkok+66” covers a variety of events and activities. There are articles on international sports competitions, Model United Nations (Thai MUN), and Technology Innovation Day. Reflections on the impact of social networks, features on historic neighborhoods like Chinatown, and initiatives for more sustainable fashion are also included. Cultural sections with book recommendations and inspiring portraits complete this rich and varied edition.

bangkok 66 seconde edition

Bangkok +66 Second edition 2022-2023

The second issue of “Bangkok+66” focuses on the theme of “summit meetings”, with articles covering important visits such as that of Emmanuel Macron and Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt. It also includes school projects such as LFIB radio, ecological initiatives (Giving Tree), and a MUN conference simulation. The newspaper includes articles on art, including an exhibition on Banksy, and cultural and sports features with photo competitions, literary recommendations, and reports on school and sporting events.

Bangkok +66 First edition 2022-2023

The first issue of the journal for the year 2023-2024 explores the theme “Thailand, between identity and influences”. This issue covers various school and national events, including educational reforms, green initiatives by eco-delegates, and debates on space tourism. It also features cultural and sports columns, interviews – including one with the French ambassador to Thailand – and sections dedicated to literature, sport and projects by 6th graders.