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LFIB Sports Association

Created at the start of the 2018 school year, the LFIB Sports Association, which is affiliated to the UNSS as part of the AEFE-UNSS leagues, aims to develop the virtues of sport among all students from 6ème to Terminale whatever their abilities and sporting levels, without discrimination or selection, in order to:
● Enable as many people as possible to take part in all forms of activity
● Training for community life (learning responsibility, citizenship and humanism, equal opportunities, integration, solidarity and sports ethics)
● Offer competitions, meetings and exposure to the host country and other countries in the region.

Supervised by LFIB PE teachers, students enrolled in the AS have the opportunity to take part in Prozap (AEFE sports projects for the Asia-Pacific region).

New from the start of the 2021 academic year, LFIB is affiliated to the Bangkok International Schools Sports League, GBAC.
This membership will enable our students enrolled in the school’s AS to defend the colors of the LFIB in championships and tournaments. Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Rugby, Swimming, Badminton and other sports.

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