French Education Foundation

French Foundation for Education

Logo FFE Lycee francais international de Bangkok The Fondation Française pour l’Education (FFE) is the managing body that holds the LFIB’s education license. Established in 2002, it is the fruit of collaboration between French-speaking Thai personalities, theFrench Embassy and the French community in Bangkok.

The registration of the LFIB in 2003 with the Thai Ministry of Education enabled this “embassy school”, dating back to 1957, to become a school as defined by law. That same year, an agreement was signed between the FFE and theAgence pour l’Enseignement Français à l’Etranger (AEFE), enabling the LFIB to become part of the worldwide AEFE network. The Foundation delegates its powers of control over budget execution to the APE Board.

As a non-profit foundation, the FFE Board of Directors is made up of volunteer members of Thai and French nationality, including the French Ambassador and elected parents. The chairmanship is currently held by Dr. Sirikorn Maneerin, former Deputy Minister of Education, Thailand.

Created by the French Embassy in Thailand, the Fondation Française pour l’Education is a non-profit organization that holds the LFIB’s education license, enabling the school to operate as a school in Thailand.