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LFIB elementary school

At LFIB Elementary School, we offer a caring environment where students learn to live together in an international, multicultural and multilingual setting, encouraging them to broaden their horizons and develop a global understanding of the world.

We welcome 20 classes for lessons from 8 a.m. to 2.10 p.m. every day. We offer open spaces and quality sports facilities to enrich our students’ educational experience.
Our classrooms are equipped with technology to facilitate learning and stimulate creativity. Our school library is open all day with a dedicated librarian to welcome children.

In line with the programs of the French Ministry of Education, we offer two distinct cycles to accompany our students on their educational journey. Subjects covered in Cycle 2 (CP-CE1-CE2) and Cycle 3 (CM1-CM2) include French, English, Thai, art education, mathematics, moral and civic education, history, geography, science and technology.

élèves en élémentaire au lycée rrançais de Bangkok
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Cycle 2 :
fundamental learning cycle

Learning at school means questioning the world. It also means acquiring specific languages, acquisitions for which simply growing up is not enough. Cycle 2 covers the period from CP to CE2, offering the length and coherence needed for progressive and demanding learning.

In Cycle 2, all subjects are concerned with the world. Mastering languages, especially French, is a top priority.
Social skills are also emphasized.

Fundamental student tasks include problem-solving, document comprehension, writing and rational justification.
This cycle prepares our students for their future schooling by providing them with the solid foundations they need.

Cycle 3 :
consolidation cycle

Cycle 3 links the last two years of elementary school (CM1-CM2) and the first year of junior high school (6e), with the aim of reinforcing pedagogical continuity and the coherence of learning to support the acquisition of a common foundation of knowledge, skills and culture.

This cycle has a twofold responsibility: to consolidate the fundamental learning begun in Cycle 2, which is a prerequisite for further learning; and to ensure a smooth transition between elementary school and collège, by ensuring continuity and progression between the three years of the cycle.

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An Inclusive School

We are proud to be an inclusive school, also welcoming students with learning disabilities. We offer FLSco classes for students who do not speak French, to integrate them in an efficient and caring way.
To find out more about the welcome program for new French-speaking students, click here.

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A rich multilingual and cultural experience

Our educational program is based on the need to master the French language, while celebrating linguistic diversity.
In addition to languages, we offer a rich cultural background, encourage active citizenship, and offer a variety of sporting activities thanks to our top-quality sports facilities.

For more information on the school’s language courses, click here.

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A Qualified Listening Team

Last but not least, our qualified and dedicated teaching team is there to support every student in his or her educational journey.
We listen to their needs, aiming to create a positive and stimulating learning environment.

une équipe qualifée et à l'écoute au LFIB