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Documents to be supplied

To be supplied for registration

scanned copies
1. Family record book*(parents + pupil pages) or birth certificate

2. Passports for 2 parents and the student (for a student with two nationalities)

3. Health record (all vaccination pages)

4. Certificate of school attendance (current year)

5. School record booklet or report cards or evaluation booklets for the current year (accompanied by the pass decision for registration in September) and school record booklet for the previous year.

6. Expulsion certificate (EXEAT or school-leaving certificate)

For students in their final year of high school, to register for the baccalauréat.

The following additional documents :

– Anticipated test scores

– Livret scolaire du baccalauréat if you have been issued one

– Certificate of participation in the “journée d’appel à la préparation à la défense” (JAPD) (French national call-up day for defense preparation)
– JAPD census certificate (students of French nationality)

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*Family record book / Birth certificate

For children with 2 nationalities (Thai and other), it is necessary to send a copy of the Thai birth certificate and proof of the child’s other nationality. Example: for a Franco-Thai student, you need the French family record book or the French birth certificate and a document containing the 13-digit national identity number (Thai birth certificate or national identity card or Tabien Baan).

In the event of parental separation :
It is MENDATORY to provide a copy of the court judgment concerning the custody of the children AS WELL AS A WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION from the parent who is not present to accept the student’s enrolment at the Lycée Français International de Bangkok. The contact details of the second legal guardian (e-mail address and telephone number) must be entered on the pre-registration form. All special cases must be explained.